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Gunny Mike's Salute

USMCRANK.gif - 14755 Bytes This site is dedicated
to those few proud men and women
who have earned the title,
United States Marine.
These pages are for those
living and dead who proudly served.

This is the original photograph
by Joe Rosenthal.
It was later cropped
to become the photo we all know.

There are six Flag Raisers on the photo,
Four in the front line and two in back.
The front four are left to right,
Ira Hayes, Franklin Sousley,
John Bradley and Harlon Block.
The back two are Michael Strank,
behind Sousley,
and Rene Gagnon,
behind Bradley.
See "Favorite Links" Iwo Jima.

This is the memorial
the nation has come to recognize
as a tribute to courage, honor,
and tradition of the
United States Marines.
Should the Air Force be allowed to negate
this powerful image of courage, honor,
and tradition? I for one, think not.
Voice your concern by visiting Iwo information

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