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Avon Park, Florida

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This charming city is known as the
"City of Charm" and located
in Highlands County. Nestled
in Central Florida, Avon Park
is famous for its citrus.
It's population is 8226
and has a friendly,
down home feeling.

Mayor Thomas Macklin
Deputy Mayor Sharon Schuler
Councilperson Justine Devlin
Councilperson Doug Eason
Councilperson Steve Roberts

City Council

July 12

City Hall is located at 110 East Main Street in the historic section of the city. City hall staff are anxious to answer your questions, either phone at (863)452-4400 or email at

City Manager C. B. Shirey 863-452-4403
Finance Dir. Richard Birt 863-452-4400
Police Chief Tony Velong 863-453-6622
Fire Chief Terry Feickert 863-453-6557
Building Dir. Hank Eures 863-452-4400
Water/Sewer Acting Dir. Rainey Prevatt 863-452-4427
Public Works Dir. Bobby Sizemore 863-452-4429
Recreation Dir. Tony Anderson 863-452-4414