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World War I....... 3,350

World War II.....78,751

Korea................. 8,177

Vietnam............. 1,566



In these four wars, and not counting the thousands missing in other wars,

this Nation has almost 100,000 men still listed as missing.


May they have found peace at last, wherever they are!


Launch Your Balloons!!

These men's names will change often since there are so many of them still unaccounted for from all wars. Rather than adopt one, I would like to adopt them all! This will be my humble attempt to keep many of them in our hearts and minds....Today we begin,



Category #5 F84 (Missing 13 Feb 52)

1st Lt

AO 2222141

(From: 5th AF, Cite: INC 178, AG #06691, D/I #04771, 14 Feb 52)
Lt. was flying A2 position in a four ship flight of F84 aircraft to attack rails.

They were reforming for return when A2 reported that he had fuel shortage. The pilot proceeded south escorted by A3.

A2 soon lost sight of A3. Lt. FERREE called out that his RPM was dropping and then reported that his engine quit.

A2 reported that he was at 7,000 ft and would abandon his aircraft, at 5,000 ft.

This was the last radio contact. A1 arrived in the area and observed the aircraft wreckage from (BT 924444) to (BT920444).

No sign of the pilot or parachute was observed. It is believed that the pilot bailed out since his seat was separated from the rest of the aircraft.

Alarmingly, evidence continues to mount that Americans were left as prisoners

in all wars and continue to be held today.

If even one was left alive (and many authorities estimate the

numbers to be in the thousands), we have failed as a nation until and unless we

do everything possible to secure their freedom.

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