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Brief History of the Corps

A poster Born in Tun Tavern Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, 10 November 1775, the United States Marine Corps is older than the nation it protects. The history of this proud organization is a story of triumph and glory, and tragedy and pain. The call first went out in 1775 when the Continental Congress authorized then Commandant, Cpt. Samuel Nicholas to raise a brigade of Marines. The Marines of Commandant Nicholas's brigade were stout seamen, who brought their own rifle, and knew how to use it. These Marines helped protect American shipping interests prior to the Revolutionary War. During the Revolutionary War, the call again went out to America's youth. The Revolutionary War saw the Marines take their place as America's soldiers on the sea, as well as the birth of many of the Marines' symbols and traditions. For example, the term leatherneck comes from leather collars worn by Marines to help hold their heads erect and protect them from slashes by sabres and cutlasses. The quatrefoil, a braided cross of gold cord worn by officers, was originally used by Marine A poster sharpshooters to help tell friend from foe. The sharpshooters would climb into the rigging of American ships and when the Marines boarded an enemy ship, the sharpshooters would rain death and destruction upon the enemy while sparing the Marines who wore the cross of rope upon their covers. The blood stripe worn on the dress blue trousers of officers and non-commissioned officers is in memory of the battle of Chapultepec, during the Mexican-American war. During that battle, 90% of the Marine Officers and NCO's died taking the Mexican stronghold. The battle is further commemorated in the Marines' Hymn in the line "From the Halls of Montezuma". The war to end all wars, WWI was another proving ground for the Marine Corps. Although the Marines won many honors, the horrors experienced by all the allied troops was a heavy price to pay. Among the honors won were 3 French Croix de Querres, France's highest military honor. The third Croix de Querre was won at the Battle of Belleau Woods, now called La Boix de la Brigade des Marines, the Woods of the Marine Brigade. In honor of the three Croix de Querres, the Fifth and Sixth Marine Regiments are authorized to wear the French Fouragere, a braided cord, symbolizing their units' famed past. Another distinction to come out of WWI was the phrase,"First to Fight", which came from recruiting posters of that era. The one award which the Marine Corps is most A poster proud of from this period of strife did not come from our allies, rather it came from the hated enemy, the Germans. It was during WWI in Belleau Woods when Dan Daily, another Marine hero said, " Retreat hell! We just got here!" that the Marines won their most prized honor. For it was during this battle that the Germans first started to use the term Tuefle Hunden. After classifying the Marines as Shock Troops, a classification given only to the most elite military units, the Germans gave us our name, DEVIL DOGS.

Alright Marine, LISTEN UP ! Stack Arms, Pull Up a Case of C-Rats and the Smokin' Lamp is "Lit"!

Forebearers of my family have fought for this country since the Revoluntionary War. I remember as a young man, my great uncles complaining of physical problems caused by being "gassed" in the trenches of WWI as members of the Rainbow Division. The most prominent memory is an uncle whose father deserted the British Army in Canada in the late 1800's to establish a farm in northern New England. This man lent his son to the Rainbow Division where he spent some three days between the lines in a shell hole. Suffering from wounds and a gas attack, he finally made it back to friendly lines.

Some other uncles were WWII veterans that flew the "Hump" over Burma with shrapnel wounds. One was a member of the "Manhattan Project", which was the atomic bomb. Another fought across WWII Europe with an artillery unit and another was a member of combat engineers in the late '50's stationed in Germany, part of a blocking force against communism. The last one,which had problems with what was called in those days, "Shell Shock", "Combat Fatigue" or "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom" today, after having been at Henderson Field as a Marine in WWII. Today he suffers from Alzheimer's and still thinks he's back home as a teenager, at the age of seventy plus.

Once I joined the Corps in '58, my great uncle who had served in "The War To End All Wars-WWI" as a member of the great Rainbow Division, presented me with the name "cannon fodder". You see, his son, my cousin, had died in the first wave at Iwo Jima as a Marine.

My tour of duty with the Corps began in September, 1958, which covered a period of great change for the Corps, that went from M-1's to M-14's to M-16's. It also went from 8 man squads to 13 man squads. Yes, you can question me on the 8 man squads, that was the period during vertical envelopment development. Passenger requirements of choppers would only allow 8 men, which required that drill and boot camp meant right wheel and left wheel as opposed to column of files from the right or left. I saw changes in weaponry that meant the loss of the BAR, the advent of the M-60 machine gun and M-79 grenade launcher. I also saw changes that included the Mule, the ontos, changes in boot camp from 13 weeks to 8 weeks, draftees, and a war in Vietnam that almost tore my beloved Corps apart. Afterwhich, I served as a recruiter for that beloved Corps to help try and rebuild it. Perhaps these few humble pages will reflect that attempt.

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This portion of my webpage is dedicated to POW-MIA's from ALL wars, just to name a few; WWII, Korea, and most importantly Vietnam. We must NEVER FORGET OUR BROTHERS!


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